Quilling time :)

Now let me try to be regular. Here’s my 2nd post  this week  which means I’m trying to kick off my laziness (good one na 😛 ).

Fine here goes a birthday card for my cousin. It’s a simple quilled card with some beehiving .


The best part is that i did it in 2 hours 🙂 , felt proud and then realized it’s so simple , yet took 2 hours of my time 😦 .But I still loved it being simple .


Happy birthday Sai .Hope all that you wish comes true . 🙂

Happy weekend 🙂 .

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Photo Frame

Hi friends, hope you had a lovely week end 🙂

Here comes my post for the day.

And It’ a Recycled PHOTO FRAME.

For this I took an old book cover (a hard one ,like card stock )


Now on the plain side of this I pasted a plain and white paper. Then I cut an elliptical part from the piece.

Now  I colored the entire sheet with yellow and green chalk. That made my background.

Now I individually quilled few roses ,butterflies ,leaves , spirals, etc


DSC_9575 DSC_9576


Now I stuck them all to my frame

To enhance the look i added a punch cut  butterfly at the top.

To cover the ellipse I folded a small piece of the card as socket .

And that completed my recycled frame fully .


Gift it to your best ones to freeze their best moments forever.