A card and some motifs

Hi ,

I’m back after a week break for my 10th post on this blog (thank you thank you :P).

Just shifted our house and now I have an entire room for crafting :-).

And this is what I made for the week


A quilled card :).

As the winter falls I love to play with bright colors to keep away a dull day :). And for this time It’s bright yellow and green 🙂



Made a few flowers, roses, motifs. punched out few leaves and butterflies. pasted them on the bright  background to make the card.

The density can be reduced if it feels better that way.

Keep commenting and enjoy 🙂


A pretty wallet & card combo

Yet another busy week kept me away from posting you. And now I’m back with a cute upcycled project.
With wedding season done, all I’m left with are, many wedding cards. And I made this out of them.


Made this from a wedding card. I stuck a few pattern papers, teddy n kitty stickers, then added a birthday greeting. The best part is that this can be used as your wallet too, complete with a card holder ( just add a mirror to it if you use one (-: ).


For now I will gift it with a few chocolates. Let’s have something sweet for the weekend.

I have also submitted this to BGC challenge here.

Earrings for any occasion

Hi Friends,

It’s been long that I’ve posted .Was busy with Ganesh Chaturthi preparations at our place. Finally I made some time to post you these.


I’ve just added a quilled tear drop to a coil and that made these colorful earrings

DSC09169 DSC09148
DSC09171 DSC09165

I did not explain the procedure for all these as they are pretty simple and self explanatory.

Have a great festive time .happy weekend 🙂

A heart of hearts

Hi friends,

I’m back after a cool weekend. Hope you had a cheerful one too.  The encouragement that I received from your compliments for my cuppa

made my week :). Once again thanks for those sweet words 🙂

Now comes my next post. It’s a small pendant made for another friend of mine.

All she wanted was a heart in a heart. And this is what I’ve made


This looked super simple, but I should say this was challenging for me ,as she wanted it sturdy, strong, simple and small .

Never knew so many s‘s would complicate a task 😛

So for strength I used a card stock strip instead of a quill strip. And coated it up with varnish to add little more strength .


Hope you liked the work, do give feedback.