Here’s a cuppa’ coffee for you

Hi friends, hope you had a great day.

The first thing that comes to our mind about a good morning is nothing other than a steaming cup of coffee.
Even after a tiresome day at office one can relax with a cup of cold coffee. Whether hot or cold, coffee is amazing.
So to all those coffee lovers out there, I dedicate this card .
For the card I just quilled a hot coffee cup, then inked the background with my chalklets. Also added faux stitching to enhance the look. I wanted to give a minimalist look to emphasize the quote inside the card.
The sentiment which my brother spelled out ,immediately after having a look at this added more beauty to this “coffee कभी  काफी नही”.
Keep sipping coffee, after all anything can happen over a cup of coffee!
I’m entering this card for
Eureka Stamps – Be SentimentalSept 2 Love Rubber Stamp Chat 


Hi friends,

Here are few more quilled designs


For this I just quilled few tight pegs of different colours .

Arranged them to form a diamond shape.

Finally rolled another strip around these pegs .



Finally added  gold shade to pegs.Also added a bead hanging to this to add in little more beauty.

Here is another one



This is also a simple one. I just quilled a strip to diamond shape  and added few pegs to it.

I just made the descriptions for these simple, as I find them self explanatory  .

Do comment 🙂


Photo Frame

Hi friends, hope you had a lovely week end 🙂

Here comes my post for the day.

And It’ a Recycled PHOTO FRAME.

For this I took an old book cover (a hard one ,like card stock )


Now on the plain side of this I pasted a plain and white paper. Then I cut an elliptical part from the piece.

Now  I colored the entire sheet with yellow and green chalk. That made my background.

Now I individually quilled few roses ,butterflies ,leaves , spirals, etc


DSC_9575 DSC_9576


Now I stuck them all to my frame

To enhance the look i added a punch cut  butterfly at the top.

To cover the ellipse I folded a small piece of the card as socket .

And that completed my recycled frame fully .


Gift it to your best ones to freeze their best moments forever.



I guess this blog is my LUCKY CHARM .

It’s just been two days that I started the blog and now look what I’ve got

DSC_9529 DSC_9527

Yes ,It is the  crafters must have  ‘CUTTLEBUG’

I’m really thrilled  by this super cute Rakhi Gift. Thanks to my brother for the wonderful one .

And  excited by the gift this is what I made





Made this  from an old wedding card


I took the center (printed) page of this card for the project.

Pasted a colored paper to cover the printed portion.

Then cut it to required dimension,and then embossed the floral design.


To add little color to this embossed pattern I inked it with my glitter pens


This completed the rear face of my envelope.

Now to leave the card simple I just added a small comb quilled flower in the front


And that completed my envelope .


Hope you liked it.

Do comment .

Paper Jewelry

As dollar is soaring and rupee is plummeting, it’s time that we stop purchasing gold and revert to faux jewelry 🙂

Here’s my help in that direction.

Hi every one  here comes my next post
This is my all forever favorite set as it is my first quilling.
For this I used 3 mm quilling strips of 2 shades,made a Malaysian type petal.
after sticking them together them, I felt that the portion where the three petals were joined looked clumsy due to over gluing. So I tried to cover it with those small tightly rolled coils.
DSC_9528 DSC_9527
For those who think the rings are too long to be worn , length can be reduced and it looks like this.
Hope you liked these.
 Also please do comment  🙂

To friend, with love.

Welcome friends, This is my first post here at Lallyz. I’ll be posting some of my paper craft, learnings, experiments and experiences here.

Last week, my friend left to America and I made this card to bid adieu to her.

I used handmade paper for base and attached a Malaysian quilled flower to get a minimalist look.

Do comment.


PS: On a lighter note, I just noticed that the first post is a farewell post 🙂